June 13, 2024

South West News

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One of the downsides of Vegan food is that it can taste and look very different from the non-vegan alternatives – however, this is often not the case with Vegan cakes, and M&S Cafés has introduced a delicious indulgent vegan brownie into the M&S Café menu! Made with coconut cream, golden sugar and vanilla, it’s wonderfully moist and fudgy, with a crunchy nutty layer of hazelnut, and chunks of chocolate on top – and is sure to delight both Vegan and regular customers!

Enjoy the NEW vegan brownie with a hot, cold or iced drink of your choice. The popular cafés offer a selection of coffee blends including the finest Single Origin Colombian Coffee and they promise to NEVER charge more for alternative milks with tea or coffee, not just great for Vegans, but also for customers with a dairy allergy. That’s right, Oat Milk is NOT extra ?

Vegan Hazelnut Brownie – coming to an M&S Café near you for just £2.50!