May 27, 2024

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All Eyes Are On – The New Omballs Yumnut at M&S!

Omballs Yumnut, £1.50 each or £4 for a pack of three*

What’s not to love about the cheekiest launch of the summer, the OMBALLS YUMNUT. These cheeky, cute and charmingly odd chocolate creatures are the latest addition to M&S Foodhalls joining the likes of Percy and Colin! Full of character, and super energetic they’ve collided with the retailer’s popular bakery treat the Yumnut, for a match made in heaven.

Hand decorated, these fluffy Yumnuts are topped with a rich Belgian chocolate fondant, dark chocolate shavings and white chocolate eyes – chocalicious.  No two are the same, with the eyes being hand-placed giving each a personality of their own ? ?

Yumnuts have become a customer favourite since launching just over a year ago.  Incredibly delicious, owing to their light and fluffy texture, this yum-yum and a doughnut fusion launched with five popular flavours which have stood the test of time – Raspberry Royale, Billionaires, Milk & Cookies, Plain Jane (which is currently making headlines ?) and Double Chocolate. In fact – all five are still in the top 10 best-selling ‘doughnut’ treats at M&S!

The retailer has launched several limited-edition seasonal variations through the year including the internet breaking social superstar the Santa’s Yumnut ? (which even made an appearance on U.S TV show Ellen!).

Available in stores now, the new Omballs Yumnut is set to be just as popular making it the perfect addition to M&S bakeries.