June 13, 2024

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Help your loved ones stay safe at home this Christmas and New Year

Cornwall Council is asking residents to give any support they can to help vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours stay safe at home this festive period.

The calls follows an open letter from the NHS and Council’s care services asking residents to help the health and care services help them at a time of high demand.

The Council’s adult social care teams are working hard to support hospitals in getting people ready to be discharged back home with support, or into care homes.

Graphic saying: Thank you for supporting loved ones stay at home

There is currently high demand for home care and the Council is urging relatives of those needing support at home to give extra help and be as flexible and patient as they can when packages of care are being arranged.

Here’s how you can help:

Support loved ones to leave hospital

Sometimes patients may be discharged early in the day or late at night and we appreciate your help with settling in loved ones at home.

Evening and weekend visits

There are times we can offer some of the care needed at home which means your loved one can leave hospital with your support, for example to cover evening or weekend visits.

Flexible timing

Our home care visits will often be offered in a broad rather than precise time band, for example ‘morning’, ‘lunchtime’ or ‘evening’, and we may need to use different care workers for each visit.

Cancel care no longer needed

If your loved one needs less care now than they used to because they have returned to greater independence please let our adult social care team or your care provider know. Returning care hours back into our system helps others who need it most.

Councillor Dr Andy Virr, Cornwall’s cabinet member for adults, said: “Health and care workers across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are working tirelessly together to keep services running to support us all, our loved ones, our neighbours, and our communities.

“There is high demand for health and care services during this festive period and in order to help you we need your extra support.

“If you have relatives or friends receiving or waiting to receive home care we are extremely grateful for any help you can give to support your loved ones leave hospital, settle them back at home and perhaps visit them during evenings and weekends when it can be more difficult to source care visits in some locations.

“I want to thank our residents for the many ways you have responded to the pressures on our health and care services in 2021 and please continue to help us to help you.”

Story posted on December 24, 2021