May 27, 2024

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Brand expression agency Taxi Studio hails a ‘category-defining moment’ after injecting a significant investment to launch the world’s FIRST immersive Wake The Tiger Amazement Park®

An influential leader in the project from start to finish, Taxi Studio drove the entire branding process and backed Wake The Tiger with financial resources 

Brand expression agency Taxi Studio is announcing what is a historic ‘category-defining moment’ in Europe after partnering with Wake The Tiger, the producers of the world’s first immersive art amazement park®, which is opening its doors in Bristol.

Wake The Tiger Amazement Park® is an immersive art experience which provides an exciting alternative to a traditional art gallery. Visitors will step through a secret portal into the amazing world of Meridia – a multi-layered maze of interactive environments designed to help highlight important issues such as climate change and to provoke further thought and actionable epiphanies around how humans treat the world.

Led by the team behind Boomtown Fair, Wake The Tiger Amazement Park® has attracted backing from Taxi Studio, which invested finance and significant resources into the initiative and also produced the brand design and advised on marketing strategy.

There has also been strong excitement from the public, with a crowdfunding campaign raising £1.85 million in equity.

Stu Tallis, creative director at Taxi Studio, said: “We created the brand world for Wake The Tiger from scratch, creating a brand expression that pushes the boundaries of imagination and represents the truly unique and fantastical experience that fuses ancient wisdom and creativity.

“The brand needed to be scalable to accommodate the possibility of replicating the experience across the country and becoming a multiverse. It is a category-defining moment representing a sea change in how immersive art experiences are created. The opportunities for innovation are limitless.”

Taxi Studio produced a psychedelic logo that was inspired by the idea of distorting the fabric of time and space to create portals where one can step into alternative worlds. The unique brand mark is made up of interdimensional threads that allude to the idea of a space-time continuum. It also nods to the materials used in the immersive world – a mishmash of the ‘perfectly imperfect’ objects that have been scavenged, reclaimed, and repurposed.

The colour schemes of the logo were carefully selected by Taxi Studio. Unlike 90s rave-style psychedelia, the colours and format are more reflective of this tribal, ancient wisdom that Wake The Tiger wanted to espouse.

“This is a very organic conceptual brand mark that captures the very essence of what Wake The Tiger is about: the distortion of space and time and entrance into parallel universes. The fabric is interpreted within the words themselves. It’s a wonderful fusion of unorthodox and modern typography,” Tallis said.

Commenting on their collaboration, Wake The Tiger’s co-founder and director, Graham MacVoy, said: “Taxi Studio has been an incredible team to work with. They helped us develop our brand and have understood what we are trying to achieve, constantly working with us to ensure we stay on course and build a strong and consistent brand.”

Tickets for The Wake The Tiger Amazement Park® can be bought here.