February 24, 2024

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New online tool shows how much help you might get for your adult care and support needs

A new online tool called an Eligibility Checker is now available to help people in Cornwall understand how much financial assistance they might be entitled to for their adult care and support needs.

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Cornwall Council has developed the tool as part of its Delivering Better Care programme, which supports their aim for people to live in ‘vibrant, safe and supportive communities’, as well as contributing towards being an ‘empowering organisation’.

Cabinet member for adults and public health Cllr Andy Virr said: “Understandably, people don’t often know how the social care system works until they or a family member suddenly needs some help.

“A lot of people don’t realise that social care is something that needs to be paid for. However, for some people there will be some financial assistance available. Understanding from the outset what financial support you might be entitled to can help a lot when you are navigating through the health and care system.”

This tool allows people considering requesting help to complete a simple online check to see if they are likely to be eligible for financial assistance towards their care.  This includes:

  • care at home
  • long term residential or nursing care
  • short term residential or nursing care, including respite

People can also choose to receive an email with a copy of their indicative results. A formal financial assessment will still be required if they do decide to apply for financial assistance.

The form can be found on Cornwall Council’s website, along with more information on what sort of help is available and an online form to request support from our social care teams.

For those who prefer not to use online services help can be requested by calling us on 0300 1234 131.