February 24, 2024

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Let’s Get Real About Recycling: Almost half of Cornish households are not recycling at home

Cornwall Council is urging people to step up their recycling efforts to help tackle the climate crisis.

While many people are doing their best to recycle and help protect the environment, Biffa’s latest household participation survey found that 44% of households are not engaging with the fortnightly recycling service – in other words, they are not putting out their recycling for collection.

Previous analysis found that 22% of rubbish put out for collection is made up of materials that could be put in your recycling bags and boxes, such as glass jam jars, plastic milk bottles, unwanted clothes and sheets.

And more than 35% of rubbish collected from Cornish homes is food waste. By shopping smarter, using up leftovers and composting, we can all reduce the amount of food we throw away.

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This Recycle Week Cornwall Council is urging residents to Get Real About Recycling. That means recycling more of the right things, more often.

Councillor Carol Mould, portfolio holder for Neighbourhoods at Cornwall Council, said: “We know that lots of people are doing a great job with their recycling while others are yet to make a start.

“I urge everyone to look at what they’re throwing in the bin and recycle what you can. It really is easier than a lot of people think – you can start with just one thing.

“Recycling is one of the simplest and easiest things we can do to help the environment.”

Let's Get Real About Recycling #RecycleWeek

Cornwall Council provides a fortnightly recycling collection service to all residents in Cornwall. Find out what day your recycling collection on the Cornwall Council website.

If you’d like to make a start but you haven’t got your recycling bags and box or you need more, you can order them for free on the Cornwall Council website.

If you’re not sure what can or can’t be recycled have a look at the handy online Recycling A-Z to see what goes in your recycling bags and box.

Press release issued on October 20, 2022