February 24, 2024

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What to expect when you start a new role in the care sector

Anyone starting a new role in care can expect a robust training and induction programme according to one of Cornwall’s care training providers.

They say that once you’ve got your new job in care you can expect a range of support and training that will help induct you into your new role.

Kelly Dalton, Assessor and Tutor from Dynamo Healthcare Training said:

“Anyone going into a new role in care should expect support from managers, buddying with other staff members and they should be made aware of policies and procedures. They should have a full health and safety induction.

“And then its about learning the role, how to read a care plan, how to document the care you give and training that supports the whole process.” 

Cllr Andy Virr, Cornwall Council cabinet member for adult social care and health said:

“For anyone who is applying, interviewing and then starting a new role in care, the process can be daunting. But like most new job roles your new employer is responsible for making sure you’re given the best possible start and preparation to do well from the start.

“I can’t recommend more the value in taking that first step to working in the care sector. As well as supporting vulnerable people in Cornwall you will get a great sense of purpose every time you go to work.”

For anyone considering a new role in care there are currently over 160 jobs being advertisedProud to Care Cornwall website

Employers aren’t necessarily looking for people who have experience in the care sector. There are skills and experiences that often translate easily into being the right sort of person for a role, such as caring for family members, neighbours and friends.

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