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LIVE: Cornwall Council Cabinet, 22 March, 2023

Plans to allow concessionary bus pass holders to continue to be able to use their cards at all times of day and night will be discussed when Cornwall Council’s Cabinet committee meets this morning.

Also on the agenda at the meeting will be a roll-out of the 20mph speed restrictions in residential areas, which has been trialled in Falmouth and Penryn and the Camelford areas.

The Cabinet will also be discussing several more agenda items, including the future provision of the Fire Critical Control Centre, and the business plan for the Corserve Group of Companies.

A discussion on the proposed devolution deal for Cornwall which was originally on the agenda, has been put back for an Extraordinary Cabinet Meeting, which will take place on Wednesday, 5 April.

The meeting is taking place at County Hall in Truro, starting at 10am, and is open to the public, or can be viewed live via our webcast service.

Watch the webcast here

View the agenda for Cabinet meeting

You can follow the meeting live via our blog below:

10am: Today’s meeting is now underway

10.05am: Cllr Linda Taylor is making her leader announcements.  She tells the meeting:

“Last week saw Cornwall Council stand alongside our armed forces colleagues to mark 100 days to go until Falmouth plays host to the national Armed Forces Day event, with a special ceremony held at Pendennis Castle.

“Despite the weather being somewhat “fresh” it was a lovely occasion, which gave us a real taste of what we can expect this summer, with abseiling soldiers, low flying helicopters and military bands providing quite the spectacle.

“Anything that puts Cornwall in the national spotlight can only be good for us, and I know I am not alone in taking huge pride in the way this event is taking shape.

“Up to 100,000 extra visitors are expected to visit us that weekend, providing a huge boost to our economy, and a real advert for all we have to offer to visitors, and I thank everyone who is working so hard to ensure it will be a success.”

10.09am:  As there are no public questions today, we now move onto the discussion on the future of the fire service’s Critical Control centre.

10.20am: Cllr Martyn Alvey has told the cabinet he is recommending option 2b, which will retain the Emergency Call handling function in Cornwall, and requires an upgrade of the Vision4 call and mobilisation technology to a cloud-based solution over the next 12 months, with calls being handled 24/7 from Cornwall.

10.27am:  The Cabinet has voted to adopt option 2b.  A short adjounment has been called.

10.36am: The meeting is back underway, with Cllr David Harris introducing the Council Performance Report.

Watch the webcast here

10.48am: We now move onto the Outcome Delivery Plans, once again introduced by Cllr David Harris.

11.02am:  We now move onto the Langarth Stewardship, which looks at the ongoing management of the Langarth Garden Village development.  Cllr David Harris is introducing the item.

11.30am: We are now looking at the proposed retention of the discretionary elements of the England National Concessionary Travel Scheme. 

Under the terms of the scheme, eligible older people and people with disabilities are provided with free off-peak travel on local bus services throughout England – between 9.30am and 11pm Mondays to Fridays and at any time on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

In recent years, Cornwall Council has provided free travel at all hours, including peak times. Now, following a review, it is being recommended that the cabinet extends the free travel for peak periods going forwards.

Cllr Andy Virr is introducing the paper.

11.47am: The proposals to extend the bus passes for use in peak hours has been passed.  The next item for discussion is the disposal of two ageing care homes, which will be replaced by new, state-of-the-art purpose built new facilities.

Cllr Virr is introducing the item.

12.05pm:  The cabinet is now considering the new Integrated Care Strategy, introduced again by Cllr Virr.

12.15pm: The cabinet is now considering the roll out of the 20mph speed limits across Cornwall, which has been trialled in Falmouth and Penryn and the Camelford areas.

The trial has shown the sign-only approach to installing the new 20mph limit has resulted in mean speeds reducing in 20 of the 22 selected sites.  The project will now be extended across the rest of Cornwall, with priority given to areas with the worst road safety records.

Cllr Donnithorne is introducing the paper.

12.40pm: The business plan for the Corserve group of companies is next on the agenda, introduced by Cllr Pears.  It will be followed by the business plan for both Treveth and the Celtic Sea Power company.

1.10pm: The meeting has now concluded