May 27, 2024

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New course to help Cornwall residents improve balance and strength

A new online course has launched which supports people in Cornwall to be steadier on their feet by improving balance and strength.

The MoveMore progressive falls prevention course was commissioned by Cornwall Council and facilitated by iCareiMove. It is free and aims to help reduce the amount of falls that people have in Cornwall. Previous participants have ranged in age from 49-103 years old.

Falls prevention programme course for with image of an older man smiling and holding a cup

The wife of a previous participant of the course said:

“He enjoyed it, apart from the balance section which he still finds challenging. He is growing in confidence though and at one point he hardly had to use his chair for support. He’s also taken to practising some of the moves quite independently during the day.”

Cornwall Council cabinet member for adult social care and health, Cllr Andy Virr said:

“It is important for all of us to keep ourselves moving but if you’ve lost your confidence and feel like you need some support to improve your balance and strength then these courses are for you.

“Falls are a common and serious problem for older people. At least a third of people aged over 65 will fall each year nationally. As well as helping to combat this the course has a number of other reported benefits such as an improved feeling of mental wellbeing as well as better sleep and increased confidence.”

iCareiMove have had many years of teaching these classes in a live setting and now have over 18 months experience of running them safely online. The team has instructors with specific roles: one to teach the group, one to advise functional adjustments individually to those on screen, and another staff member to watch the screens for safety reasons in case of a medical alert. 

Founder of iCareiMove, Helen Tite, said:

“As we age, we need to keep moving to keep the joints supple and the muscles strong.”

Helen added:

“Sometimes a fall is unavoidable, but we also teach how to safely get up from the floor and practising these techniques has proven invaluable where clients have emailed us to say, ‘hey, I had a fall but guess what? I got up all by myself thanks to what you taught me.’ They know it may happen, but they are no longer fearful if it does, as they have the strength and skills to cope with it.”

You can join the MoveMore falls prevention course by telephoning for free on 0800 054 1118 or by emailing:

For social prescribers, GP surgeries and other professionals, please contact using the same methods and you will be sent a client referral form.