June 18, 2024

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New research reveals how living in a retirement development can improve mental wellbeing

As World Mental Health Day[i] (10 October) shines a light on mental wellbeing, a leading retirement rental specialist, My Future Living reveals new research that shows the significant impact that living in a retirement community can have on mental health.

The research, conducted amongst a diverse group of people aged 55 and above, all living in retirement developments through My Future Living, found that 60% experienced improved mental wellbeing after moving to a retirement community.

Living in a retirement community offers a unique opportunity for retirees to experience social connections and a sense of belonging. For those living alone, which three-quarters of My Future Living residents do, it can be particularly beneficial and help reduce loneliness.

Also, when asked what is important to them, meeting new people, socialising or having a sense of community scored highly, and a third of My Future Living residents reported being more socially active since living in a retirement community.


One resident has benefitted from the great support of friends since her husband died and said, “My husband passed away in January and before that we kept ourselves to ourselves.

Since then, I started to join in and can honestly say that I feel blessed that I have been accepted into a lovely, supportive, group of neighbours. We care about each other’s wellbeing and it is a great feeling knowing that you are not alone.”

Two others said, “Within a short space of time I felt a part of the development community and have made many friends,” and “I have made two friends who I socialise with, go shopping, take holidays and go for coffee.”


Commenting on the research, Dominic Stead, Property Director at My Future Living, said: “While our retirement properties are all about independent living, they also foster a sense of community with communal lounges and gardens providing spaces for people to socialise.

“There are a wide range of activities and events that people can get involved with if they choose to, from coffee mornings and fish and chip suppers to days out at local places. Even if people don’t want to mix, knowing there are people close by should they ever need any assistance, along with a house manager on site during the day, is reassuring.

“Feeling supported and having people you can talk to and make friends with all contribute to better mental wellbeing. Other benefits such as no longer having to worry about the maintenance of a home, and having a safe and secure place to live, add up to make moving to a rental property in a retirement development a good housing option for older people.”


To learn more about My Future Living, please visit www.myfutureliving.co.uk.

[i] https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-mental-health-day/2023