June 18, 2024

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Bereavement workshops launched by expert duo to strengthen support for vulnerable and bereaved customers

Settld and Three Hands Insight join forces to offer tailor-made guidance for hundreds of service providers nationwide

Two leading UK organisations have teamed up to offer new workshops and practical guidance for hundreds of UK service providers, designed to improve vulnerability and bereavement customer care across every industry sector.

Delivered by Settld, the multi award-winning bereavement notification service, and social insight agency Three Hands, the aim is to help companies across the UK provide a more compassionate and consistent response to their customers.

The bespoke workshops offer evidence-based guidance and advice, along with best practice examples to help organisations review and enhance their internal and external processes and customer journeys.

Service providers are under increasing pressure from regulators, the Financial Conduct Authority and the recommendations of the UK Commission on Bereavement to improve care of the vulnerable and bereaved.

Leeds Building Society and leading wealth management and investment firm Quilter have already benefited from the insight and change programme.

Laura Bell at Leeds Building Society said: “At Leeds Building Society our teams are committed to offering the highest standards of customer service. Dealing with a bereavement requires sensitivity and empathy, and while we receive strong positive feedback from our customers, we are continuously looking for ways to further improve the service we offer.

“We are pleased to have been able to facilitate these workshops for colleagues. The teams involved have commented that they now feel more confident when supporting members who are dealing with bereavement.”

Anthony Scammell, Adviser and Client Services Director at Quilter, said: “We are thrilled to have been one of the first businesses to take part in a 2-day in-person workshop, with a cross-functional team of Quilter’s staff.

“While we had strong processes in place, we’ve introduced further improvements thanks to the insights we gained, including from ‘lived experts’ in bereavement. If every service provider did likewise, grieving families, and the professionals supporting them, would have a lot less to worry about.”

The new package brings together Three Hands’ Immersive Innovation workshops with Settld’s process mapping and data insights gained from dealing with service providers on behalf of thousands of grieving customers.

Vicky Wilson, founder and CEO of Settld, said: “We know from dealing with bereaved individuals every day of the week at Settld, that many still feel let down when they contact service providers about a death.

“We’re here to change that. Bereavement is a time when organisations can make a real difference in helping their customers. With this package, we support companies in driving the best in class support, at a time when it matters the most.”

The combined skills and experience of the new partnership will enable service providers to apply a 360° approach to their vulnerability and bereavement customer support – improving everything from marketing communications to customer service agent transcripts, IT systems and processes.

Jan Levy, Managing Director at Three Hands Insight, said: “At Three Hands, our immersive innovation and insight workshops have proved hugely successful in helping our clients to understand the realities of life for vulnerable and underserved customers, and find solutions that create a better customer experience. Learning directly from ‘lived experts’ is core to our approach.

“Dealing with bereaved customers requires a very ‘human’ approach combined with efficient systems, and we believe we can help service providers – big and small – to solve the problems many face. This will help companies to transform insights into practical next steps.”

As a flexible consultancy package, companies will be able to select as little or as much assistance from the workshops as they need. The workshops are offered in person or online, and include facilitated ‘voice of the customer’ participation from recently bereaved people.

Further details of the ‘Supporting Vulnerable and Bereaved Customers: A Practical Guide for Service Providers’ workshops are available by contacting contact@settld.care