June 18, 2024

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£79m to be invested in improving social housing across Cornwall over next five years

Image shows scaffolding around a building

(Image shows work currently underway at accommodation in Bodmin)

Major improvements are planned for some of Cornwall’s oldest social housing stock with £79m set to be invested in homes over the next five years.

Over the next 12 months, residents living in around 2,000 Council homes will see improvements to the energy efficiency or the general condition of their homes as part of the programme which includes replacing roofs, kitchens and bathrooms. The programme will then extend to further Council homes managed by Cornwall Housing.

Olly Monk, Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for housing and planning, said:

“Tackling the housing crisis in Cornwall not only relies upon developing new social and affordable housing for people in the region, but it also means taking good care of our existing homes. We share a vision with Cornwall Housing to provide decent, safe, energy efficient homes to people on low incomes throughout Cornwall and this programme of investment demonstrates our commitment to achieving that ambition.”

Cornwall Housing manages more than 10,400 homes on behalf of Cornwall Council.

Su Spence, managing director of Cornwall Housing, said:

“We’ve been working closely with our commissioners in the Council to set out ambitious, yet realistic, plans to improve our residents’ homes and the customer experience we offer. We know we’ve still got lots more work to do but this major investment plan is a step in the right direction in proving to our residents that we are determined to make lasting change that will benefit them. They will begin to see real and meaningful improvements to their homes and neighbourhoods, which will initially target those buildings and areas most in need of investment.”

Major works will focus on those homes with low energy efficiency ratings (EPCs F and G), plus those identified as needing work to protect and improve the structural integrity of buildings. There will also be some targeted estate improvement works that will see outdoor and communal areas revamped.

The investment programme is set to provide a boost to the local economy as contractors from across Cornwall will be encouraged to tender for packages of works.

Ian Frazer, Executive Director of Assets at Cornwall Housing, explains:

“We are dealing with a significant volume of work over the next three to five years – far more than we can deliver using only our existing suppliers. We will be going to the market with tendering opportunities for large to medium-sized contractors in the region, and have already awarded some of the works packages scheduled for the earliest part of our programme. There are real opportunities with Cornwall Housing for those companies who deliver quality work and provide value for money for our residents.”

As Cornwall Housing commissions each piece of work over the coming years, residents will be contacted individually about planned improvements to their homes.