June 13, 2024

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Why are food trucks becoming more common for businesses?

Food trucks have been growing in popularity for many years with them being a mainstay on the UK’s festival scene. There are said to be around 7,000 mobile food businesses in the UK with the industry being worth a whopping £1.2 million.

With the industry continuing to grow, it begs the question why? Well, there are several reasons for the rising popularity of food truck businesses, so if you want to know why before getting into the industry, then this guide can help. Plus, we’ll look at everything you need to run a successful business to ensure you’re set up for success.

Why are food trucks becoming more common?

  • Low initial investment – compared to owning a full restaurant, the start-up costs for a food truck business are relatively low
  • Low operating costs – with few staff members and no permanent rental space to pay for, day-to-day expenditure should remain low
  • Potential to attract more customers – prices tend to be cheaper in the mobile food industry, which means your costs should fit into more customer’s budgets
  • You can experiment with location – With no rental period on a truck, you can move around the country to reach more customers whenever you want. This could be in festivals or outside sporting events
  • You can build your brand from the ground up – there’s no pressure to expand right away, so you can perfect your food and build a sustainable business that’s destined for future success

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact this?

The COVID-19 pandemic without a doubt had an impact on this industry with many restaurants struggling to stay open during the lockdowns. What’s more, off the back of the pandemic, it’s become more and more expensive to own or rent a location-specific restaurant, which is why more people have moved into the mobile food industry and are reaping the rewards of doing so.

What equipment do I need to get into the industry?

If you want to join the thousands already operating in this space, then here are some of the most important bits of kit you need to get started:

  • A truck to cook and serve from
  • A reliable generator to power your operations and keep the lights on
  • Cooking equipment like grills, fryers, pans and utensils
  • Serving supplies, so your customers can eat in comfort
  • Refrigerator to keep your ingredients fresh
  • Cleaning products to ensure hygiene levels remain high