June 18, 2024

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Council asking for views on future delivery of devolved £10.2 million Adult Education budget

Adult Education
As part of the Council’s Devolution Deal with the government, Cornwall is set to benefit from £10.2 million of funding to directly commission Adult Education from 2025. It will enable residents to get the knowledge and skills to help them find jobs, get promotion, become self-employed, or go on to further learning.  

The Council is already talking to learning organisations, businesses and other local stakeholders and is opening up the conversation to residents for views on the strategy to deliver what is needed to deliver the opportunities to transform lives.  

Barbara Ellenbroek, the council’s portfolio holder for children and families and with responsibility for adult education, said: 

“The devolution of the £10.2 million Adult Education budget to Cornwall from the Department for Education, is clear recognition from government that the Council is in the best position to shape local skills provision to ensure that the needs of the local economy and businesses are met, particularly for skills in local emerging industries such as renewable energy. 

“From 2025, the Council will become the commissioner of 19+ learning across Cornwall. In undertaking this role, we recognise that there is excellent activity currently being delivered by learning partners and we want this to continue. Equally where, through this consultation, we believe that different things need to be delivered, we will seek to the make the changes we need, without impacting on the great work that is already being done to deliver quality learning to our residents.” 

The consultation runs until 25 February 2024. 

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