June 22, 2024

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The rise of mobile gaming

The landscape of online gaming has undergone a seismic shift in recent years, with mobile gaming booming all over the world. With over 80 million mobile phones in the UK, it’s no wonder that the mobile gaming industry is worth a staggering £4.74 billion.

How much is the mobile gaming industry growing?

The UK mobile gaming a huge growth spurt in recent years, with the industry set to continue on an upward trajectory in 2024 and beyond. This surge is driven by a changing demographic. For example, in 2020, for instance, 43% of female and 35% of male respondents reported playing games on their mobiles. A decade ago, this looked very different. This has been put down to the fact that now users can play video games on their mobile devices, rather than having to sit down at a TV screen.

Why is online gaming so popular?

Multiple factors contribute to the rise of online gaming, with accessibility, a wide variety of gaming genres and the advent of social gaming being paramount. Puzzle games, action and brain games top the popularity charts in the UK as they appeal to a diverse range of players.

It’s also thought that hybrid-casual gameplay (for example, blending elements from different genres) has helped the industry attract a larger audience, which hasn’t been possible before with traditional gaming.

How has iGaming contributed to the boom?

The iGaming sector, particularly online casinos, has significantly contributed to the mobile gaming boom. It’s thought that there is a growing preference among users for mobile platforms, with a notable shift towards younger demographics engaging in mobile gambling​​.

What does the future of mobile gaming look like?

The mobile gaming industry is set to evolve with technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. Subscription-based models are gaining traction, offering players a wide range of games under a single subscription fee. This model aligns with the broader trend towards subscription services across various sectors​​.

Additionally, the rise of independent app stores and diversification of monetisation strategies, are also threatening to reshape the landscape. This shift is predicted to give developers more control over their products and revenue, meaning they can bypass traditional gatekeepers like Google and Apple​​.

The introduction of more diverse characters and narratives is also set to shake up the industry. By making games more inclusive, developers hope that it will expand the reach of the sector, driving economic growth in the UK.

Final thoughts…

The rise of mobile gaming in the UK is driven by technological advancements, shifting consumer habits and the increasing sophistication of games available on mobile platforms. As the industry continues to innovate and adapt, the growth potential seems boundless, promising an exciting future for players and developers alike.