June 18, 2024

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Five Interior Design Tips to Create a Relaxing Home

The strain that many of us feel as we grapple with the challenges of everyday life come into sharp focus this month.

April marks Stress Awareness Month and marks an opportunity to look at ways of reducing the strain many of us feel.

And according to one leading expert there’s no better place to start than home when it comes to stress busting techniques.

Kate Conrad, senior interior designer at luxury homeware retailer Madison & Mayfair, said: “Creating a zen and peaceful home can be the first step to reducing stress in all areas of your life.

“When faced with issues related to stress, being able to relax in the comfort of your own home can often take a small yet welcome weight off your shoulders, supporting you in dealing with your anxieties.”

Here Kate shares her top five interior design tips that can help to transform your home into a more relaxing space.


Use natural colours

“As a base, a neutral colour palette can set the tone of your home”, says Kate. “This can instantly create a more soothing ambience.

“In fact, neutral earthy tones have the ability to provide comfort, adding a serene touch to your decor. From sandy hues to soft greens, your home would feel instantly elevated and like a breath of fresh air”.


Use soft textures

“In order to soften your decor to achieve that ‘zen’ feeling, ensuring that the materials in your home are subtle and muted can make a large difference”, says Kate.

“Natural materials, such as clay pottery, wooden panelling or a sisal rug, would provide interesting yet subtle changes in texture with a more organic feel”.


Be smart with storage

“A messy, cluttered space is very hard to be perceived as relaxing, which is why having a declutter is important if you want to feel more zen in your home.

“Utilise storage effectively and you can keep a tidy home with lots of calm, open space. Ottomans and shelving units are practical ways to make use of the space you have available.

“A key tip is making sure your entryway is free from clutter, creating a welcoming first impression that sets the tone for the rest of your home”.



Bring in elements of nature

Kate discusses the importance of ensuring your home incorporates touches of nature: “Having plants in your home can effectively inject positivity into your home, fostering an environment for resting and recovering.

“Indoor plants can also boost productivity, creating a much more motivating and encouraging space. The added natural colours can provide the soft touches to invite a serene theme within your home, along with being the perfect decorative pieces that don’t risk overwhelming your space”.


Use soft lighting

“It is very important to perfect the lighting in your home when trying to achieve a zen space to relax in”, adds Kate. “With warm toned lamps scattered around the room, as well as soft candlelight, you can nurture an inviting atmosphere effortlessly.

“Find lamps with neutral or textured bases to add the natural touches to your decor, and also avoid blocking any natural light sources with furniture, ensuring the windows can breathe as much light into the room as possible”.