June 22, 2024

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Bathroom Makeover: Design Trends for a Stylish Restroom

The design of your bathroom can have more of an impact than you might expect. Some may even refer to it as a sanctuary, allowing for peace and quiet as you bathe, unwind for bed or get ready for the day ahead.

It’s worth giving a prospective bathroom makeover some thought and attention. This is your chance to inject a dose of personality into your restroom and make it a space you’re truly proud of. With endless dos and don’ts in the world of interior decor, it can be easy to lose sight of what you want the end result to look like. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Minimalist elegance

Some people are self-proclaimed ‘maximalists’, while others prefer all-out minimalism. The latter is a great choice for anyone seeking out a calm, serene feel for their bathroom makeover. It involves neutral colours and an emphasis on clean lines. Don’t underestimate how certain amenities can add to your chosen theme – even the right toilet can add to the minimal look of your bathroom.

You can also experiment with texture and materials, from marble to panelling, to create more depth across the space. Minimalist bathrooms are a popular choice due to hygiene reasons too – less clutter means that the space is easier to wipe down and clean.

Nature-inspired retreats

House plants are a firm favourite in many homes – and what better place to embrace them than in the bathroom? You can create a jungle-like feel by adding succulents, cacti, Chinese money tree plants and more to your windowsill or draped over your cabinets.

Complement the pops of green with wooden accents and stone tiles to tap into a fully-fledged spa feel in your very own home. Add fluffy, luxurious towels and you’re all set.

Matte black sophistication

Keen to channel your inner desire for an elegant, sophisticated bathroom? Matte black is frequently used in luxury restrooms, whether in a hotel, spa or elsewhere. You can showcase this design feature however you like, whether through the taps, towel railings or other fixtures. Alternatively, use it on statement pieces like the bath itself.

Tap into this trend as much as you like. Some people might go all out by embracing the darkness across much of the room, while others may prefer to stick to just the accessories.

Smart bathrooms for the future

With so many smart technology options available on the market, you’re spoilt for choice. You can opt for digital showers to tailor your experience to exactly how you’d like it, for example. Even better if you go for an energy-efficient model. Or you can experiment with motion-sensing taps so that you’re not having to fiddle around with turning the tap on.

Consider additional accessories too, such as smart mirrors which can have anything from motion sensors to brightness adjustments. The primary goal for much of this technology is to aid energy efficiency in the home, and minimising the amount of water wasted. Plus, they’re designed with convenience in mind!

Vintage revival

If you’re not fussed about embracing ultra-modern designs, why not turn back the clocks with a vintage revival theme? Retro bathrooms can be great fun, with endless eras to choose from. You could even mix and match.

Go for antique-style fixtures, vibrant tiles or even old-fashioned clawfoot tubs. Many people choose to blend statement pieces with a more toned-down, modern design to allow these retro pieces to pop. This way you can embrace the old-world charm in a way that allows you to stay in your comfort zone.