June 18, 2024

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Privacy Solutions for Urban Living

Privacy is something that most of us value. Even in an age where personal data is being leaked everywhere, most of us draw the line when it comes to our physical property. When you’re in your own home or garden, the only people who should be able to see you, ideally, are the ones you’ve invited over.

In an urban area, where homes are densely packed and windows tend to overlook neighbouring lawns, this isn’t always straightforward. But there are a number of creative ways to reclaim a little bit of personal space, even if the physical makeup of your home might seem at odds with that objective.

Balcony and Rooftop Retreats

If you’re living in a high-rise apartment, then the chances are good that you have access to a balcony – even if it’s just a narrow one. If you’re lucky, then you might have access to an entire rooftop. In both cases, you can use the area as an outdoor living space – with just a few privacy-focussed tweaks.

Determine where you’re likely to be observed from, and set up a few obstacles accordingly. Privacy screens and planters can do a great job of hiding you, while providing some aesthetic value, too. You might also rearrange the furniture so that you’re not visible when you’re trying to relax.

Window Treatments and Interior Layout

What happens when your neighbours can see directly through your window and into your home? You’ll end up with a goldfish-bowl situation. This is a situation that you might not notice from where you’re sitting – but that your neighbours just might.

Avoid this with the help of the right window treatment. Blinds and heavy curtains will work brilliantly for your lounge, especially at night-time. Frosted glass is ideal for skylights and for bathroom windows, where interior-to-exterior visibility isn’t a concern.

You might also change the arrangement of your furniture, so that you’re not visible from the outside. If your sofa is visible from the street, then so too will you be – and with a television glow at night-time. Naturally, this is something that you’ll want to avoid. Fortunately, it’s also something that’s easily avoided.

Vertical Gardens and Green Barriers

A vertical garden will run up the wall of your property, and generate a privacy barrier that provides your with a lush green backdrop. Hedges can work alongside a good fencing solution, so that you get security as well as good looks.

Given how scarce greenery can be in an urban environment, this might provide an additional benefit. Be aware when you’re throwing up green barriers that you’ll need to keep them under control, and avoid obscuring your neighbour’s view in years to come.