June 20, 2024

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Luxurious Home Décor on a Budget: Elevate Your Space Affordably

Decorating your new home is an extremely exciting undertaking, even it if can be a little daunting to start from scratch. With the property market as it stands, it is likely that you’ve had to moderate some expectations in order to get on the property ladder – but the high price of property does not preclude you from getting the luxurious, elegant home you deserve. How can you decorate to match your tastes on a budget?

Elegant Colour Palettes

Perhaps the cheapest route to imbuing your home with a sense of elegance is via paintwork. Painting a home is far, far cheaper than other, more invasive forms of home renovation. It is also an extremely quick way to make a new build home feel more like your own home; even if they’ve already been decorated to neutral colours, this is no reason not to put your own luxuriant stamp on things.

There are some colour schemes that are positively regal in nature – deep blues and forest greens play into that Regency-era feel well. Highly stylised ‘period’ TV shows like Bridgerton are fantastic fodder for this kind of aesthetic. Gold leaf is another fun way to add luxurious colour to your spaces, particularly when applied to detailing in your mantlepiece or corner coving.


While a fresh lick of bold paint is a powerful thing for your home’s décor, it is by no means the only aspect to achieving that high-end finish. The furnishings you choose are unavoidably important in this regard, but needn’t break the bank when it comes to finding that elegant look.

For the living room, the single most important item of furniture for you to engage with is the sofa. The right settee can make a serious difference to how a living space is justified, and (as we will discover shortly) the textures at play in sofa fabrics are crucial to promoting calm luxury. The type of sofa you choose will have a drastic impact on feel; a vintage Chesterfield will bring a sense of stateliness, while a velvet affair exudes a much more relaxed sense of glamour.

Strategic Lighting

Staging your finished rooms is key to completing the décor for which you are seeking – and your lighting choices are integral to that staging. Thinking carefully about lighting means addressing the various different options available to you, from overhead and ambient lighting to feature and task lights that accentuate the environment. Even the shades you choose can have an overwhelming impact on the feel of your space. A diamond chandelier might be a little outside your budget, but glass lampshades can do a remarkably similar job.

Texture and Opulence

Finally, a common mistake that people make when decorating is to stop short of considering texture. As we discovered with sofa choices, materials can make major differences to how a space feels; this philosophy can be taken further, with tapestries and rugs working overtime to pull disparate regal options together into a cohesive finished room.