June 22, 2024

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As the New Year approaches a Devon College wants to inspire people to get out and about whatever the weather.

“Following the festive season, it’s time to find your focus and let the energy of a new year fuel your commitment to a healthier, stronger you,” said Simon Holden, South Devon College Fitness Instructor Academy Lead.

“We all know how hard it can be to start something new or find direction, especially when it relates to exercise and getting active. So don’t let nerves or the worry of being judged, stop you from getting active and discovering a better you.”

In a recent study published by the European Heart Journal, which was firmly supported by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), it explains how encouraging better movement patterns throughout the 24-hour day is directly linked to improving health and reducing the onset of cardiovascular disorders.

The study concluded that the most beneficial lifestyle change was to replace sedentary behaviour (such as time spent sitting down), with time spent doing moderate to vigorous activity providing the most benefits for health and cardiovascular improvements.

In addition, the NHS highlights that individuals should aim to replace time spent sitting or lying down and break up long periods of not moving with some activity.

Adults aged 19-64, should be aiming to carry out at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity a week, in order to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

“Moderate activity will cause your heart rate to increase, and you’ll feel warmer and breathe heavier,” explained Simon Holden. “An indication that you’re working at a moderate activity is that you should be able to talk but not hold long conversations or sentences. A brisk walk, cycling, dancing or swimming will achieve this.”

Vigorous activity will encourage much heavier breathing and if you’re working at this level you won’t be able to say more than a few words without pausing for breath.

“Running, a fast bike ride, playing football or a gym session are all good examples of vigorous exercise,” said Simon.

South  Devon College boasts its own Sports and Fitness facilities, which offer gym memberships and host a range of fitness classes and sports clubs, with first-class facilities to help you get active and healthier this New Year.

The College also has a variety of different sports and fitness courses to suit anyone looking to get into the industry, including online/blended learning, short courses, part-time courses, full-time courses and even progression to apprenticeships and higher education.

“Find your focus and let your actions speak louder than resolutions, and together let us make this a year of strength, resilience, and discovery of the unstoppable force that is you,” said Simon Holden.